#DIY Christmas paper trees

Paper, skewers, wine corks or anything that can be used as a base, a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun – so far so good! If you DIY a bit, you probably have all of these at home.

Any paper will do : music sheets, pages of an old book, cooking recipes, blank pages etc.
I used a page of Pride and Prejudice (kept the pages I cut off when I made the book box for my sister) and some music sheets that I had spare.

Cut the pages in the shape of a triangle – you can decide the size you want.
Make a zig-zag fold and poke a hole going through the whole length of the tree from top to middle of the last fold. Then, pass the skewer in the hole and gently open up the page but not too wide to leave the folding visible.
I’ve cut the top of the corks to make them smaller, and then slid the skewer in it. It should stay still no problem, but you can put a drop of hot glue if you want to secure it.

With a punching machine, I made little golden stars in some gift ribbon and glued them at the top of the trees. I also glued the tip of the tree to the skewer at the back.


It is an extremely easy and inexpensive little craft project. It’s relaxing to make and looks cute.


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