Chemical-free House Cleaning Products

I am fortunate to be from a very pro homemade household. We all have our own little talents and we are quite a crafty family.
My mother would make almost everything herself – from bread to jam, from cakes to apple juice etc. You get the idea.

A couple of months ago, I decided to start getting rid of chemicals around us in the house.
After taking care of what we eat, the type of fruit and vegetables we buy and where, it was time to tackle the cleaning agents.
A friend of mine introduced me to an all-natural dilutable soap – Dr Bronner. I am a big fan already.
I bought the unscented baby-mild version (light blue), but you can find Orange, Lavender, Peppermint. I have added essential oil and the good thing with the unscented version is that I can change my essential oil depending of the use I’m gonna make of the product.

Our house cleaning routine required one all-purpose spray and one toilet spray plus a toilet bowl scrub.

– Spray bottle (Ikea for 1€ each)
– 400ml hot water
– 2 Tablespoons of Dr Bronner
– 2 Tablespoons of soda crystals
– 20 drops essential oil(s) – I used lemongrass and lemon; it’s highly refreshing.

I added some distilled white vinegar for the toilet spray to all above ingredients.

Toilet bowl scrub – to make as you go
1/8 cup distilled white Vinegar
Baking soda or soda crystals – about 2 Tablespoons
1 teaspoon Dr Bronner
1/8 cup water

How to:

Spray – Add everything to the hot water and stir well. Let the mixture cool down before transferring to spray bottle. Use as needed.

Toilet scrub – Put all ingredients in a jam jar, tightly close with the lid and shake well. Pour all over the toilet bowl sides. Let sit for few minutes.
Using the brush, scrub the bowl and flush down to clear everything away.
I like to put few drops of Eucalyptus once I am done, to leave a nice fresh scent. It seems to be appreciated by my other half.

What I really like about this is that I don’t need to leave the room after spraying the sink, bath and toilet; or I don’t need to open the window while cleaning. The products won’t give me a headache etc. 
It’s all natural, better for us and for the environment! How to kill two birds with one stone.

I know it’s different and bit out of the normal path. It doesn’t get all foamy and may make you feel like you are not cleaning. But it’s not true.
The soap works as a disinfectant; it will not kill 100% of the germs, but neither would the store bought cleaners.
I also bought some surgical spirit : perfectly safe for the skin, it is used to disinfect surfaces and objects. 
I don’t know yet how it reacts when diluted (I’ll keep you posted), but twice a week, in addition to your spray, you could perfectly rub some surgical spirit onto your toilet seat with a cotton pad.

I really wanted to find a glass spray bottle to avoid plastic and be even more organic, but I have been unable to find one so far.. 

Ben x

French version

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