#Inspiration 7 : Crayons

About three years ago, I caught this terrible disease called Pinterest.. Since then, I haven’t been able to shake it off.

I won’t keep you long, so briefly, you can find anything and everything you want on Pinterest. I highly recommend it.

Now, i like the idea of canvas, but my drawing skills are almost inexistant. Life is unfair.
So I was browsing in heaven and found tons of ideas; among those, there was melted crayons art. And then, my heart stopped. Colors. Spashing. All. Over. The. Place. ♥

I had to choose, but I ended up wanting to create something like this :

I got in touch with the real artist of the family (baby sister M.) and after few adjustements, she sent me her sketch that I printed off, cut and used as a stencil.
Tadaaaaam !!

But after that, it went south pretty quickly. I used too many crayons, too randomly and my hairdryer was just about to die (which it did two days later – note to oneself, a hairdryer imploses in one big violent clacking sound). The colors just faded into a giant dark heap.

I was holding the crayons the first time. I hot glued them the second time. 
Yet, again I couldn’t reach the result I really wanted, so I decided to finish it differently and play with textures and movements.

The grey, blue and white mixed together are gorgeous to me and they look like a big wave.

Here are some other beautiful ideas:

What you tried this DIY ?

Ben x

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